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m/o 9442262 viewsHillsbus Dural (126) Volvo B10M Mk IV/Custom Coaches '510' ex m/o 7083 Charterbus Direct/Harris Park Transport, seen here in the gold livery which was temporarily adopted for the charter operation. Became TV 5626 with Charterplus.
m/o 8678358 viewsWestbus Bonnyrigg based Volvo B10B/CC operates a Route 802 trip from Parramatta to Liverpool Via Merrylands.
1794 MO89 viewsPenrith Bus Company, Werrington Hino CG277K (Allison)/Custom Coaches ex Harris Park m/o 8176. I believe this was the last bus Harris Park bus sold.
Chester Hill mo mo 5237 Bedford YMT3 CCMCg.jpg
m/o 5237167 viewsChester Hill Bus Service Bedford YMT3/CCMC.
Chester Hill mo4331 Austin CCMCg.jpg
m/o 4331173 viewsChester Hill Bus Service Austin/CCMC in a combination of Rodger Patterson and Chester Hill colours – it was acquired from Patterson with route 84.
Chester Hill mo4856 Bedford BLP2 CCMCg.jpg
m/o 4856166 viewsChester Coaches Bedford YRT3/CCMC
m/o 3979567 viewsChester Coaches Hino RC20/CC
Chevalier College Bowral CHV008 Ley CCMCg.jpg
CVH 008329 viewsChevalier College Bowral Leyland Atlantean (?)/CCMC.
AM93PW110 viewsChoice Rentals Bedford BLP2-Isuzu/CC ex ONR 939; ex St Gregory's College, Campbelltown ONR 939; ex Seargent, Wyong (73) MO 8093, in King Street Sydney 28/3/2007. It was reported to be in all white May 2012 still owned by Choice Rentals.
MO 6290280 viewsCoastal Liner MO 6290 is a Hino RG197K/CC which formerly operated for Harris Park Transport as m/o 8218.
MO 4837356 viewsCompton's Ourimbah Albion VK43/CC which subsequently became MO 4837 with Davis Coachlines, Ourimbah.
m/o 8895596 views3 Volvo's were acquired from Baxter's by Connex. Seen here is Volvo B10M MkIV/CC number 116. Formerly Baxters 33.

m/o 76551083 viewsConnex Mercedes Benz O405NH/Custom Coaches Series 550 at Sydney Olympic Park (Homebush Bay)
m/o 8305523 viewsConnex (221) 8305 is one of six Scania K94IB/CC 'SB400' vehicles currently being delivered. Seen here operating rail replacement services at Granville Stn.
m/o 8745490 viewsConnex (now Veolia Transport) (225) Scania K94IB/CC “SB400”
m/o 8696584 viewsTo make way for the fleet numbers Connex intended for the Baxter's vehicles, a number of their current buses were renumbered into much more logical sequences. This former Southtrans Hino RG197K/CC was originally 73 but is now 47. Most Hino's are now in the 40 fleet number range.

m/o 9195368 viewsPreviously operating for Baxter Bus Lines, and now with Veolia Transport/ Connex NSW is (117) a Volvo B10B with Custom Coaches Series "230" body. It is seen here at Menai Depot having a rest in between shifts. It was withdrawn from Veolia during 2011 after engine fire, de-reg 2/5/12 awaiting extensive repairs.
m/o 88481041 viewsConnex Transport (137) Mercedes-Benz O400/CC "515" ex Baxter's Bus Lines (Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd), Villawood (7) m/o 8848; ex m/o 617.
m/o 8559942 viewsConnex NSW (43) Isuzu LT1-11P/CC ex Pioneer Coaches Pty Ltd, Bexley, m/o 8559. 15/1/01.
Sold to Jones, Bathurst as MO 6243 10/04.
322 GHK468 viewsConnex have acquired National Bus in Brisbane. Seen here is a Volvo B10BLE/CC CB60 crossing the Victoria Bridge, on a route 3 service, wearing Connex signwriting but still in National yellow livery. The operation was later renamed Veolia Transport where it became (319).
108 GUQ367 viewsConnex Brisbane 108GUQ is a Volvo B7RLE/CC 'CB60' acquired with the purchase of National Bus Co. It became (307) with Veolia.
MO 1229263 viewsCooma Coaches MO 1229 (since reregd 2061 MO) is a Custom Coaches bodied MAN 16.240. It was photographed in Jindabyne during December 2003. The bus was used as a full coach by the operators, but is now predominantly a school bus. It is ex Symons, Narooma MO 1229; ex Picton Coaches. Andrew MacGee photo.
MO 8009228 viewsCornwell's Mooball - Mullumbimby Service Leyland (AEC) Swift/CCMC ex MO 4006 Katoomba Leura Bus Service still showing the Mountains Devil Tours signage from its days in the Blue Mountains, seen here on a school run at Mullumbimby. It later became (20) at Brunswick Valley Coaches from where it was sold in 2002.

0896AC983 viewsFrom Corowa-Albury Bus Service is this 2005 model Volvo B7RLE Custom Coach bodied CB60.
Crookwell Bus Service MO 2390461 viewsCrookwell Bus Service (Parry) MO 2390 Isuzu LT1-11P / CC at Goulburn High School. Subsequently renumbered 2746 MO.
Crookwell Bus Service MO 6067420 viewsCrookwell Bus Service (Parry) MO 6067 Irisbus Eurorider / CC 'SB40' at Goulburn High School. Subsequently renumbered 2747 MO.
m/o 00570 viewsCrossley Bus Lines - a relatively new MAN 18.232/Custom Coaches 510 with 12/96 body was photographed at Campbelltown when railway buses used the east side of the station. Similar unit m/o 002 (with earlier body) behind. It became (142) at Connex and was reregd m/o 5417 while with Veolia Transport – still that with Transdev in 2014.
m/o 01662 viewsCrossley Bus Lines Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1/Custom Coaches ex Revesby Bus & Coach Service 4/96; ex Highway Tours m/o 016 11/88; ex m/o 6393; ex Beattie's Bus Service, Corrimal m/o 6393; Rebody ex UTA 3464. It went Connex (17) 26/11/01 - Sold to Allambie Coach Lines (RL & VM Niukapu), Warriewood as m/o 016 8/03, then noted for sale on Ebay 1/07 as a shell without seats and engine located at Branxton.
m/o 05451 viewsCrossley Bus Lines Leyland Leopard PSU3C/4R/Custom Coaches ex Revesby rebody ex m/o 505 Highway Plaxton Panorama Elite III (7511LC0011 5/75) C46F ex Challenge Travel m/o 7527 ex TV 799 ex m/o 7342 - ex Wallace Arnold HWU78N chassis no 7501662. It went to Connex as (23) then sold to Transit First as m/o 054 later fleet no (36) then reregd m/o 8994 and as such went back to Veolia Transport – withdrawn by 11/08.
m/o 09356 viewsCrossley Bus Lines Hino RG197K/Custom Coaches 210 ex Revesby m/o 8830. It went to Whitsundays Transit as 786 EXN then back to Crossley as m/o 8230 which it still is with Transdev in 2014 fleet number (42) ex (118) at Connex. It is not Transdev (44) which is now m/o 093.
m/o 123455 viewsCrossley Bus Lines MAN 10.155/Custom Coaches which was appropriately parked behind Interline’s Csepel / ABM midi, at Granville on railway replacement. It was ex Revesby Bus & Coach. It became (141)with Connex/Veolia before being sold to Fangia's Bus Lines (First Priority) – Eastwood as BK47WI and then BR63US.
m/o 641765 viewsCrossley Bus Lines Leyland Leopard PSU4A/4R/ Custom Coaches ex Ventura Bus Lines, Melbourne, VIC (6) BRP 306; Rebody of 1968 chassis ex Potteries Motor Traction Stoke-on-Trent UK SN1120 TVT120G. It went to Westway 29/1/97 from where it was sold to private buyer, Richmond NSW 31/5/2006 and listed for sale on Ebay 4/08.
m/o 643449 viewsCrossley Bus Lines Leyland Leopard/Custom Coaches which went to Connex as (37) and then to Harbouside Bus & Coach as m/o 8991 - deregd by 23/1/2008 and sent to scrap 1/2/14. Rebody ex UTA 3780. Was originally thought to have been a rebody of an ex UK chassis.
m/o 840052 viewsCrossley Bus Lines Hino RG197K/Custom Coaches, later reregisterd m/o 043 and still in service with Transdev as such in 2014.
Crossleys mo9232 Hino RG197 CCE Strathfield 120197AC copy.jpg
m/o 9232136 viewsCrossleys Hino RG197K/CustomCoaches 510 at Strathfield on rail 12/01/97. It was reregd m/o 099 and is still that with Transdev NSW in 2013 as (45).
m/o 4094318 viewsFrom Crowther's BusLink is this Hino RG230 registered m/o 4094 with Custom Coaches 516 bodywork acquired from Bathurst Coaches. It was included in the takeover by Veolia Transport.
m/o 8306473 viewsThe newest bus in the Crowther's BusLink fleet at the time this photo was taken, was this Scania K94IB with Custom Coaches CB50 bodywork. m/o 8306 was photographed in Kurnell operating a school special service. Contrary to initial reports it was included in the takeover by Veolia Transport.
Cuburra VAL.jpg
MO 0878220 viewsCulburra Coaches Bedford VAL70/CC.
Davis Coaches Ourimbah Leyland Tiger MO-9929.jpg
MO 9929212 viewsDavis Coaches, Ourimbah Leyland Tiger/CC which was sold by Peninsula Bus Service to Tinonee Bus Service, Taree.
MO 0070215 viewsDeane's, Queanbeyan (38) MO 0070 is a Custom Coaches bodied Leyland Super Viking which has since been withdrawn.
m/o 1214395 viewsSTA 1214 Mercedes O405NH/CC taken in December 2008 with AOA covered windows.

Delwood coaches AEC Reliance MO-5325.jpg
m/o 5325288 viewsDelwood Coaches, Villawood AEC Reliance/CCMC in 1985.
Delwood coaches IBC MO-5597.jpg
m/o 5597394 viewsDelwood Coaches, Villawood IBC GM RE/CC in 1978.
m/o 440376 viewsDelwood Coaches Leyland Leopard PSU3E/2R/Custom Coaches. Sold to Southtrans (Deanes Coaches (South) Pty Ltd), Menai as (29) m/o 4403 4/1/91, dereg 10/95 and wrecked for parts.
m/o 452571 viewsDelwood Coaches Commer/CC showing the Lidcombe destination for route 59 which was operated from 1970/1 to 1974.
m/o 529872 viewsDelwood Coaches AEC Reliance/Custom Coaches ex Paramatta-Villawood Bus Service m/o 5298 1/1/78. To Holroyd Bus Lines Pty Ltd as (60) m/o 5298 - Subsequent disposal unknown.
m/o 559776 viewsDelwood Coaches IBC 6x2 - GM 6v71/Custom Coaches. Sold to Junee Buses Pty Ltd, Junee as MO 9659 -/89, then to Allan's Bus Service, Wondai, QLD as 220 CFK - subsequent disposal unknown.
m/o 4001190 viewsDelwood Coaches, Granville Albion Viking VK41/CCMC 7/1977.
m/o 4956161 viewsDelwood Coaches Albion Viking VK55/CCMC.
m/o 5096174 viewsDelwood Coaches Leyland B21/CC 12/4/1966,
m/o 1069432 viewsWollongong's first low-floor bus. Dion's Bus Service 1069 is a Volvo B12BLE/CC 'CB60', seen here at Wollongong University.

MO 0690339 viewsDolphin Coaches, Kingsgrove MO 0690 Mercedes-Benz OC1617/Custom Coaches, ex Picton Buslines Pty Ltd (43) MO 0690 9/08; ex Dubbo Coaches (43). Sold to Bankstown Coaches (Collins Coachways Pty Ltd), Bass Hill 7/11

Dooralong Valley MO0456 Volvo B6FA CCE Strathfield 120197A copy.jpg
MO 045693 viewsDooralong Valley Bus Service Volvo B6FA/Custom Coaches ex Nicholson & Waring, Casino, on rail at Strathfield 12/1/97. It was reregd 2621 MO under the operator’s new name Coastal Liner and sold for a motorhome at North Wyong as BD13ZP by 5/10.
1042AO233 viewsDriver Bus Lines, Mt Waverley (42) Denning Manufacturing Low Floor – Cat/Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" which has been rebranded to Melbourne Visitor Shuttle together with new orange livery in May 2012.
m/o 4447552 viewsHopkinsons Volvo B12B/Custom Coaches CB80 "Euro 5" m/o. 4447
Seen at Moore St, Liverpool
Photo by Jaymie Treadwell
1309175 viewsTSA (1309) Volvo B7RLE/Custom Coaches CB 80 at Moorebank depot 9/2013 in readiness to be put into service in October 2013 in region 3, with a number of similar units next to it. Received from Mal Bruce.
1309180 viewsTSA (1309) Volvo B7RLE/Custom Coaches CB 80 at Moorebank depot 9/2013 in readiness to be put into service in October 2013 in region 3. Received from Mal Bruce.
1309203 viewsTSA (1309) Volvo B7RLE/Custom Coaches CB 80 at Moorebank depot 9/2013 in readiness to be put into service in October 2013 in region 3, with a number of similar units next to it. Received from Mal Bruce.
m/o 5738188 viewsTSA (1300) Volvo B7RLE/Custom Coaches CB80 at Moorebank depot 9/2013 in readiness to be put into service in October 2013 in region 3. Received from Mal Bruce.
m/o 5738151 viewsTSA (1300) Volvo B7RLE/Custom Coaches CB80 at Moorebank depot 9/2013 in readiness to be put into service in October 2013 in region 3. Received from Mal Bruce.
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