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Leon Batman Collection

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Some of the photos in this collection are from the late Eric Walsh.

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LocoLes photos

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This gallery is used for photoshopped photos from various contributors to the Discussion Board. There may be some non photoshopped photos which have been used as the basis for the photoshopping.

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Punchbowl Tiger Cub photos

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The Inspector Photos


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Ty Manning Collection.


This consists mainly of photos which Ben O had uploaded on the discussion board.
The South Western Coach Lines photos include some taken by the late Greg Bush and copied into the Ty Manning collection.

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Random files - Gunzel Photos
H Class 381 ADMET Master ATDB - Copy.jpg
H1 381 235 viewsAdelaide Trams H1 (381) photo taken around 1972, photoshopped into Admet livery by operator541. (photo by operator541’s grandfather)
BTR 431122 viewsGrenda Corporation (34) Volvo B10M/Volgren in 1997.
PRL 52444 viewsKefford’s Davis, Ballarat (136) Volvo B10BLE/Volgren on a Eureka Steet route 8 service in 1999. Later regd 2879AO and then into PTV livery.
u/r92 viewsVintage Port Tours, Port Macquarie White.
m/o 8725254 viewsLiverpool Transport Volvo B10M/Custom Coaches "310", transferred to Hawkesbury Valley where it has retained that registration.
ACT 88834 viewsSeaford Primary School Bedford SB3/Freighter by the Yarra River on a school outing in 1986.
m/o 8934214 viewsHawkesfords Pleasure Tours Mercedes O305G/PMC ex STA 2567 in 2006. Sold to Revline Auto Tech Pty Ltd, Luddenham via Auction 28/10/11.
m/o 325548 viewsSydney Buses (3255) MAN SL202/PMC with a 3 speed Voith gearbox, seen in suburban Northbridge 2/2/2009.

Last additions - Gunzel Photos
m/o 7056 viewsWoronora Bus Service AEC Reliance ex m/o 5778 with m/o 699 Leyland Tiger Cub/Comeng of 1964. Behind it. The only photo Centralian had of the latter hence the quality.Jan 18, 2018
m/o 57773 viewsWoronora Bus Service Leyland Tiger Cub (imported chassis)/Superior of 1972.Jan 18, 2018
m/o 92065 viewsTelfords Volvo B58-56/CAC Mk II ex Metro Tasmania, Hobart, TAS (342) GT 2567 (B39D) -/96. Withdrawn in 2000 and sold to a Melbourne football club. Telfords Volvo B58-56/CAC Mk II ex Metro Tasmania, Hobart, TAS (342) GT 2567 (B39D) -/96. Withdrawn in 2000 and sold to a Melbourne football club.Jan 18, 2018
m/o 89961 viewsPleasure Tours Volvo B58-56/Smithfield ex Metro Tasmania, Hobart, TAS (26) GT 7736 (B39D) 28/6/96; ex AM 2432. Withdrawn by 9/99 & sold to Murphy's Commercials, Mayfield (dlr).Jan 18, 2018
m/o 90094 viewsShire Coaches MAN 16.240 HOCL/Custom Coaches ex Red & White (Coach Australia Pty Ltd), Sandgate, QLD (19) 097 EXI 28/1/06; ex JC & JL O'Riordan t/a Darling Downs Transit Pty Ltd, Wyreema, QLD 097 EXI; ex Westbus Pty Ltd, Windsor, NSW MO 862 by 10/4/99; ex Macquarie Towns Coach Lines (Guild Management Services Pty Ltd), Windsor MO 862 12/87. on the Warringah Freeway. It was included in the take over by Good Az Gold Tours, deregd 30/7/201 and used for parts in 2012.Jan 18, 2018
?3 viewsUnidentified bus, possibly an ex UK AEC Renown, seen in Australia some time ago. Any additional information would be welcome.Jan 18, 2018
m/o 591014 viewsWoronora Bus Service Leyland Worldmaster on the road at Sutherland. Centralian photo.Jan 17, 2018
m/o 90513 viewsWoronora Bus Service/River Tours Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/15/Superior of 1972, ex Southdown Motor Service UK where it had a Duple body. Centralian photo.Jan 17, 2018