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Adam Peters photos.
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Photos from the late Colin Gray.
Photos uploaded during 2012 and earlier and also 2 BCC photos uploaded in 2013 were from the Leon Batman collection.
Other photos uploaded during 2013 are from the Colin Gray collection and scanned by Leon Batman during 2013.
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Random files - Gunzel Photos
ML m-o 128.jpg
m/o 128155 viewsOliveri's Metro-Link (24) Volvo B10M Mk II/Centurion ex Royal Australian Armed Forces (RAAF) - Received new front and rear by Austral Denning 4/95.
TV 62992 viewsA Bedford VAL70 with Pykes with imported Van Hool bodywork of 1971. It ended up as a school coach with Hoys Wangaratta. Photo taken about 1976 in Parramatta when the building in the background (now council chambers) was the tallest in town. Pykes had 2 such VALs. Centralian photo.
img540 - 1942 Leyland 'Canton' trolleybus MTT 488 [209-436] @ St Kilda Tram Museum Collection.jpg
209 43648 views1942 Leyland 'Canton' Trolleybus MTT 488 at St Kilda Tram Museum collection [Restored vehicle].
1205AC121 viewsVictoria Coaches (11) MCA Cummins L10/MCA in 2011.
MO 795621 viewsRichter Bros/Sunliner Albion Clydesdale/Custom Coaches of 1972, ex Forest Coach Lines. Centralian photo.
Batterhams MO400 Bedford SB CACg.jpg
MO 40059 viewsBedford SB/CAC possibly owned by Batterhams Bus Lines but not confirmed.
m/o 005198 viewsCrossley Bus Lines/Leisure Coaches Leyland Royal Tiger Cub GM ex m/o 7137 Southtrans rebodied by Menai Bus Service chassis ex Ventura ex Canberra. It operated out of both Helensburgh and Auburn at various times.
0445AO25 viewsMt Buller Bus Service (45) Volvo B10M MkII/Volgren ex CDC Benders,Geelong (32), ex CDC Sunshine (32), ex Kefford Sunshine (32).

Last additions - Gunzel Photos
IMG_5160 - Transperth 2009 Volgren CR228L Mercedes-Benz OC500LE CNG [TP 2009] @ Wellington Street c_01Apr2016.JPG
TP 200917 viewsTransperth (2009) Mercedes O500LE CNG/Volgren CR228L at Wellington St c 1 April 2016.Mar 09, 2018
MO 400626 viewsMountain Devil Tours (Katoomba Leura) Leyland (AEC) Swift/CCMC which spent only a short time with Katoomba before being sold to Cornwell's Mooball - Mullumbimby Service as MO 8009. It later became (20) at Brunswick Valley Coaches from where it was sold in 2002. Centralian photo.Feb 21, 2018
MO 5725 and MO 400834 viewsKatoomba Leura Bus Service Leyland Worldmasters ex MTT Perth, still in Perth livery. Centralian photo.Feb 21, 2018
4518AO25 viewsGrenda Group, Moorabbin Transit (518) Volvo B10B/Volgren on Rail replacement arriving at Oakleigh Station.Feb 21, 2018
4876AO25 viewsGrenda Group, Grenda (76) Volvo B10B/Volgren on Rail replacement arriving at Oakleigh Station.Feb 21, 2018
MO 947667 viewsKatoomba Leura Bus Service AEC Regal VI ex MTT Perth (500). Centralian photo.Feb 09, 2018
MO 706 41 viewsKatoomba Leura Bus Service Leyland Worldmaster ex MTT Perth 500. Centralian photo. The yellow Commodore taxi is about all that gives away the age of this photo (other than the bus) which was taken well before 2008.Feb 09, 2018
1032AO51 viewsDriver Bus Lines (32) Volvo B10B/Volgren after a repaint. It was sold to a SA operator.Feb 09, 2018