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FKM288421 views(288) MAN SL200/Ansair "MK2" on an outbound 264 to Mitcham is seen turning from Russell St into Collins St.Graeme Bennett collection
2689AO500 viewsVentura Bus lines (105) 2689AO Scania K93CR/Volgren "SC221" is seen at Croydon depot during a BCSV tour in 2011
National Bus Company250 viewsMercedes LO812/Custom Coach mini buses in Swanson St on their way to the launch.Graeme Bennett collection
FXM232343 views232 a MAN SL200/Ansair "MKL1" on a 251 service to Northland, is seen turning from Willamstown Rd into Graham St, Port Melbourne.Graeme Bennett collection
0352AO311 viewsMelbourne Bus Link (352) 0352AO, is seen at Footscray depot in AOA for SNAP(Business Printing, Design & Marketing Services)
2383AO289 viewsSita Bus Lines (83) 2383AO Volvo B10B/Volgren is seen laying over in the back streets of Seddon.
FXM330324 views(282) MAN SL200/Ansair "MK2" also at the launch.Graeme Bennett collection
0710AO379 viewsSeymour Passenger Service (10) 0710AO Mercedes Benz OH1830LE/Express seen on a charter to Melbourne Cup in 2010.

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ACI94015 viewsMetbus 940, 941, 948 all Volvo B59/Ansair seen at Footscray DepotAug 19, 2017
Met Bus line up.jpg
MWE30017 viewsMetbus Line up at Footscray DepotAug 19, 2017
CUF01614 viewsMini buses at South Melbourne Tram depot for Grand PrixAug 19, 2017
img123 (2).jpg
FXM32618 viewsNatioanal Bus #277 MAN SL200/Ansair MK2 at NorthlandAug 19, 2017
MWE30720 viewsMetbus #307 MAN SL200/Ansair MK2 seen at Altona North Bus Interchange Aug 19, 2017
MWE33021 viewsMetbus #330 MAN SL200/Ansair MK2 seen at Footscray DepotAug 19, 2017
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MWE34721 viewsMetbus #347 MAN SL200/Ansair MK2 at Deer Park WestAug 19, 2017
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MYD19915 viewsMetbus #199 MAN SL200/Ansair MK1Aug 19, 2017