The Manly accidents of the late 1940s

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The Manly accidents of the late 1940s

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There were two bad accidents at Manly in the late 1940s that galvanised political opinion to favour the American-style single-decker bus over British double deckers in future fleet purchases. They backed away from double-deckers so rapidly that double-deck chassis still in the delivery pipeline were fitted with single-deck bodies when delivered.

The cause of both accidents was found to be loss of steering control due to the nearside front wheel fouling the mudguard support strut which was a characteristic of the half cab design. In the case of the Spit accident, the centre of gravity of the bus moved forward while descending the hill enough for the tyre to foul. In the case of the Brookvale accident, the wheel rebound on hitting a pothole was sufficient to similarly cause the tyre to foul and for the driver to lose steering control. ... 51nbc.html

The bus in The 1947 Balgowlah capsize was carrying a full peak-hour load of 70 people. Fortunately there were no deaths. They still managed to find a way to criticise the driver:
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