Ex Renmarks Bus Service Isuzu PMCSA

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Ex Renmarks Bus Service Isuzu PMCSA

Post by ScaniaGrenda »

I've come across this ex Ranmarks Bus Service Isuzu with a PMCSA body, when I last looked at the historical list there was two of these noted in the disposal list for Pioneer Coaches, one being ex m/o 634 the other being m/o 4994. Whatever one this is, It has made its way to the Newcastle region at some point and remained parked there for over a year.

It still has the accreditation name for Renmarks bus service in white but Pioneer appears to be hard to make out unless you were to see the bus in person.

You won't be able to see on the photo due to compression but it appears to have the name "Florence" or "Thomas" on it above the ISUZU badge, I didn't pay much attention when I took the photo as it was a quick stopover.


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Re: Ex Renmarks Bus Service Isuzu PMCSA

Post by Swift »

I've always liked this body for some reason. Pioneer must have shopped for the cheapest chassis available when they got this built for them. Awful to drive I'm sure, but has Japanese reliability which is all the company probably cared about.
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