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Ex Transperth 0405 Mercedes

Post by Jarryd »

Hi All,

Im looking at purchasing one of the recent ex Transperth 0405 Mercedes buses

Where does someone find the service history for these buses and are there certain numbers to look for and to avoid?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Ex Transperth 0405 Mercedes

Post by Squiddy »

As far as service history goes I think you'd have the most luck contacting Manheims directly, though I'd wager they've all been pretty well looked-after.

As for the second question again I think they'll all be pretty similar. Best bet would probs be just to head up there and have a look yourself
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Re: Ex Transperth 0405 Mercedes

Post by Bus-1809 »

Anything 13xx is worth looking at, as they are the most original and were never tampered with as such. Otherwise, later delivery ones, seemed to be a bit better than earlier ones.
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