high-floor buses in Perth

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high-floor buses in Perth

Post by jonwil »

Are there any buses left in the Perth fleet that are still high-floor and/or not wheelchair accessible?
Or has Transperth finally met the goal of being 100% wheelchair accessible?

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Re: high-floor buses in Perth

Post by Bus Suggestions »

Quite sure we're 100% accessible, though you might want to wait for a response from the other WA members because I'm not entirely sure.
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Re: high-floor buses in Perth

Post by Off The Rails »

The bus tour which was held on the 30th, involving PR180.2's, were more than likely the last time high floors will be in service (last day in actual service was the 14th). The only slight chance that they will be in service this year is, if the planned deliveries to Rockingham, and cascading buses down to Mandurah, doesn't work or is delayed.

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Re: high-floor buses in Perth

Post by Merc1107 »

Mr. Off the Rails is correct. As it stands, I think the deliveries have occurred and the buses just have to cascade down to Mandurah. If this is not the case, then they may be waiting on a couple of buses yet. It is too early in the year for me to remember the exact state of deliveries, but I don't think it is likely that even one Renault will hit the road come the start of the school term.

Despite the Mandurah rail services being cancelled twice at the end of December, none of the Mandurah Renaults (to my knowledge) were deployed for emergency rail replacement. Private operators with high-floor vehicles were observed assisting with the rail replacement.

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