All new Route buses to be In PTV livery in Melbourne

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All new Route buses to be In PTV livery in Melbourne

Post by MotorOmnibus8562 »


Just wondering, why have the recent bus deliveries for Operators like Dysons, Sita, etc. have to be in PTV livery, I haven’t heard of New Contracts and Routes yet...but still have no idea why these recent bus have to be in the livery rather than the operators livery???
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Re: All new Route buses to be In PTV livery in Melbourne

Post by Mitch »

As far as I'm aware, the reasoning behind it being in the PTV livery is that if the vehicle was funded/leased by the government to the operator so that they can operate routes under their contract, then it has to be in the PTV livery. If the vehicle was self funded by the company itself, then it can be in the company's colours. McHarry's in Geelong is an example of ongoing deliveries in the standard McHarry's livery as the vehicles are purchased by the McHarry family directly.

I'm open to correction if I'm wrong though.

Mitch :lol:

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