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Darwin Delights

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Darwin Delights

Postby Merc1107 » Sun Apr 30, 2017 11:16 pm

Quite some time ago now, I visited Darwin. The following shots are a few choice shots from the many I took during my visit, unfortunately several didn't end up working out due to the prevailing weather conditions, operator error(!) or a combination of both ( :mrgreen: )

I quickly found some favourites during the visit. The Volvo B10BLEs, whilst driven rather lazily gave a smooth and pleasant ride. I was, however, left wondering if they have kickdown or not. The lone B12BLE (120) sounds awesome, and also gives a pleasant ride.

There are four Scania L94UA articulated buses, which are something of a rare sight in service. Surprisingly all are equipped with AoAs These are numbered 115, 116, 121 and 122. 122 became a firm favourite; I doubt any other Scania can match the noise of the ZF gearbox, nor the awesomely bass-filled and burbly engine!
Alas, this type were the hardest to photograph in service, and while I did photograph 115, 116 and 122 several times, I still have some work to do with the images, so no images of Darwin's artics this time, I'm afraid.

Compression to meet board requirements did noticeably hurt the quality of a couple of the last two images. Oh well.

Buslink Mercedes-Benz O500LE / Volgren Optimus #201 turning into Darwin Interchange after the complete of a 10 from Casuarina Interchange.

TerritoryTransit Volvo B10BLE / Volgren CR222L #118 seen in Bakewell on a circular service from Palmerston.

#118 again; just to show off the side ads and rear bodywork for a change.

Darwin Interchange, with a typical line-up of buses laying over off-peak. All are Mercedes-Benz O500LE; bodywork varies between Custom-Coaches CB80, Volgren-Optimus and Volgren CR228L.

TerritoryTransit Volvo B12BLE / Volgren CR228L #120 seen hunting for layover spot along Smith St. after completing #4 from Casuarina Interchange.
TT's O500LE #124 is seen tagging along behind.

TerritoryTransit Mercedes-Benz O500LE / Volgren CR228L #129 seen on the corner of Mitchell and Bennett Sts. as it completes a #4 from Casuarina.

Buslink's Mercedes-Benz OH1830 / Bustech Graduate seen along Temple Tce. beside Palmerston Interchange prior to commencing a 446 to Gulnare Rd., a regional routing operating just a couple of times each day.

TerritoryTransit Mercedes-Benz O500LE / Volgren CR228L #129 seen at Oasis Shopping Village Palmerston outbound on a #73 Circular service from Palmerston.
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