My week in the Territory Part 2

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My week in the Territory Part 2

Post by Coach_Captain »

Part 2 of my Northern Territory travel is Local Touring Vehicles.

Dyson's 176- nt reg m/o 3086, a 2000 Mercedes Benz 0404-3/ Coach Design, seen passing the Mindil Markets.

Dyson's 170- n/t reg m/o 3007, a 1996 Mercedes Benz 0404-3/ Austral Denning "Majestic" seen at Katherine
for The Ghan Whistle Stop Tour.


Dyson's 293- n/t reg m/o 2714 a 1997 Toyota Coaster at Katherine for The Ghan Whistle Stop Tour.

Top End Escapes 10- m/o 3315, a 1992 Denning Landseer Decker, ex Firefly, in Darwin.

Top End Escapes 6- m/o 3089, a 1987 Denning Landseer Hideck, seen dropping passengers after a tour in
the Esplanade, Darwin.


This special amphibious boat/bus does tours of Darwin City area, and if the tide is right, will travel through
Darwin Harbour.


Who said you need expensive Air Conditioning fitted, when it is cheaper to just have no windows!!.
This Tour Tub Toyota Coaster is seen passing through the Darwin Bus Interchange.


TravelNorth (Katherine) m/o 2422 and m/o 2717, both 2002 Irisbus Eurorider/ABM CB50 at
Katherine Coach Terminal, dropping passengers from The Ghan.

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Re: My week in the Territory Part 2

Post by red baron »

Excellent photo's Coach_Captain,i remember bus 170 still in APT liverly doing day tours here in Melbourne.
Thanks for sharing 8) .
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Re: My week in the Territory Part 2

Post by ALBION1881 »

I am wondering if the two Irisbus semi coaches are ex Busway/Kings bros either from Coffs Harbour or Grafton.

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Re: My week in the Territory Part 2

Post by Centralian »

An excellent 5 part photographic update of the NT scene Coach_Captain, thank you.

As to the coach touring side I notice from the fleet lists that Dysons in particular have quite a large number of coaches based in the NT, and then other operators such as AAT, Down Under Tours etc. also seem to have a substantial local presence, plus the locals . However the tourist numbers don't seem to be that large spread out over a tourist season (relative to the number of coaches that seem available to cater to the market) , so I wonder if the market is over serviced. Are these locally based vehicles gainfully occupied most days or just sitting around for the weekly surge from (as Coach_Captain describes) the Ghan Whistle Stop tour.

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Re: My week in the Territory Part 2

Post by kitkat271 »

I'm not sure what the situation is now but a few years ago when I was involved with the Top End there was a problem getting coaches through the dry season. So during the peak (maybe 3 months in the year) it isn't over-supplied. The rest of the year is pretty lean though.

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