Action buses, 9/10/18 (1)

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Action buses, 9/10/18 (1)

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Some Action buses during a recent visit.
aAction_BUS347_ScaniaL94UB _Canberra_(9_10_18).jpg
aAction_BUS349_ScaniaL94UB _Canberra_(9_10_18).jpg
aAction_BUS623_ScaniaK320UB _CanberraCentre_(9_10_18).jpg
aAction_BUS646_ScaniaK320UB _Canberra_(9_10_18).jpg
aAction_BUS660_ScaniaK320UB _Canberra_(9_10_18).jpg
aAction_BUS666_ScaniaK320UB _Canberra_(9_10_18).jpg
aAction_BUS955_RenaultPR1002 _Canberra_(9_10_18).jpg
aAction_BUS977_RenaultPR1002 _Canberra_(9_10_18).jpg
aAction_BUS476_ScaniaK320UB _Canberra_(9_10_18_A).jpg
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