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Bus Australia Photo Gallery Guidelines.

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Bus Australia Photo Gallery Guidelines.

Postby Fleet Lists » Sat Aug 22, 2009 5:27 pm

The following are guidelines as to what inmformation should be included with any photos posted to the Gallery. These are guidleines only and any information included can be different depending on the photo being included.

Guidelines for Photos uploaded into the Bus Austral Photo Gallery.
All photos must be of a reasonable quality and Transport related. The administrators reserve the right to remove any photos which they consider unsuitable.

Documentation to be provided with the photos.
Title: Should be the registration of the vehicle where known.
If the rego is not known the name of the operator should be included in its place.

Description: Should include:
The operator’s name (if not in the title),
chassis type,
body type,
location where photo was taken if considered appropriate,
date photo was taken if considered appropriate,
any bus history such as previous registrations,
any known disposal information,
any livery information where non standard,
any other relevant information.

The administrators reserve the right to update any title or description to bring them into line with the above guidelines. They may also update the information subsequently if any further information comes to hand.

Once a keyword has been defined in the information for any one bus, it is not necessary to include it for other buses for which the keyword is considered appropriate. The keywords already used are listed in the search panel.

However if the keyword is considered appropriate and the keyword itself is not included in the information for that bus, it should be included in the keyword field. An example of this is where the body type is shown as CC – it such cases “custom” should be included in the keyword field so that searches for both CC and Custom would both be successful.

Keywords are to be separated by blanks. Hence it is not possible to define “Custom Coaches” as a keyword – it will be treated as two separate keywords.

Keywords must not be separated by commas. If a comma is used immediately in front of or behind a word the comma will be treated as part of the keyword. If there is a blank both before and after the comma, it will be treated as a keyword in its own right. Hence this must be avoided.

Again the administrators reserve the right the to amend the keywords where considered appropriate.

The existing keywords have been cleansed as at 16/8/2009 to bring them into line with above.

The information for all bus/coach photos is being updated to bring them into line with the guidelines above but with some 800 to be done it will take some time to have this task completed.

It should be noted that the special fields which were present for such things as registration, location, chassis type and a couple of others, are no longer present as they were lost during a software upgrade and it is not intended to reintroduce them.
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