Name This Bus Body.

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Name This Bus Body.

Post by Denv12 »

Back in the days of Freighter Lawton's,they built a variety of vehicles. Their bus and coaches were unique. I have seen a variety of buses built on this body. I am trying to find out if there's a specific name for it. Can anyone name this bus body?

The best example I ever saw was around mid 1960s.A local bus,it had a Cummins diesel engine.Owned by Reg Mackenzie of Taperoo.It was in the workshop of Associated Tourist Services way back then. I dont have a photo of that one.Reg also owned a Flxble Clipper at the same time.

One photo I posted was an ex STA Adelaide AEC with a front entrance.The others have an entrance behind the front wheel.

I believe that this body was popular as a bus and as a coach. Parlorcars of the 1960s also had a few as well.

You are welcome to post anything of interest to this topic.

Bus17a (508 x 422).jpg
Bus17a (508 x 422).jpg (51.91 KiB) Viewed 9965 times
jgs vehicles2 001c-a (480 x 378).jpg
jgs vehicles2 001c-a (480 x 378).jpg (40.66 KiB) Viewed 9965 times
Bus16a (496 x 380).jpg
Bus16a (496 x 380).jpg (41.81 KiB) Viewed 9965 times
k (474 x 479).jpg
k (474 x 479).jpg (50.18 KiB) Viewed 9965 times
6.209 (612 x 407).jpg
6.209 (612 x 407).jpg (50.25 KiB) Viewed 9964 times
Bus Conversions2 001 (570 x 318).jpg
Bus Conversions2 001 (570 x 318).jpg (45.78 KiB) Viewed 9964 times
D1010008 (518 x 538).jpg
D1010008 (518 x 538).jpg (79.88 KiB) Viewed 9964 times
D1000004 (834 x 614).jpg

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Re: Name This Bus Body.

Post by system improver »

No name appears in the advertising literature for these Freighter Lawton (from 1964 Freighter Industries) bodies. The front first appeared in 1962 and the familiar rear window in 1963, as seen in pic 3. The forward facing bus in pic 3 has an older 1963 style rear window. This design lasted for many years with EDSA buses. Private buses moved away in 1965/66 with curved front panels and in 66/67 to a different style rear window. However, one of the things about Freighter Industries was that if an operator liked an older style they still made it for you. Hence, some 1964 designs were still being produced in 1968 e.g. Henstridge.

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Re: Name This Bus Body.

Post by Denv12 »

Thank you system improver.I appreciate your reply.

I guess back then Freighter Lawton didnt start naming the bus and coaches until later. There would have been some variations built using a variety of chassis. From the basic school bus,street bus routes right up to the tour coaches of Centralian Staff,Australian Pacific,Parlorcars and so on.

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