Rail in the Mid North

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Rail in the Mid North

Post by Flexity110 »

Visiting family in the Southern Flinders Ranges over Easter, I made the most of opportunity to do some train-related photography whilst touring the area. I was surprised with how much there is to do there now, with the area establishing itself as a Wine and Gourmet Food region in place of the more traditional crops which have driven many to brink through the drought. Anyway, enough waffle, here are the pics:

Larger Version: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3600/343 ... 48_b_d.jpg
AD8 (Adelaide - Darwin) waits for a signal at Coonamia (Port Pirie) with the Southern Flinders Ranges in the background.

The remains of the narrow gauge route through Laura. This line closed around 1987 and the rails disappeared soon afterward, today not even the railway station remains.

On the same narrow gauge link was Stone Hut. This is the remains of the line into the tiny settlement, taken near what is now Hickory's Run Oliveria - a sign of the diversification taking place in these farming communities.

DA8 (Darwin - Adelaide) pulls into Coonamia just over an hour late, led by NR75 and AN2. There were three passengers boarding at Coonamia - who says regional rail is dead? (and before the fence nazis start, I was one of them)

...and finally...

Red Service seats on the Ghan. This car, unlike the other ex-CR cars in the consist, was a former SAR car which has been refurbished. These cars were built for the East-West Express between Adelaide and Port Pirie.

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Re: Rail in the Mid North

Post by MPM »

hey thanks for sharing those rail picks, the inside of that carriage looks pretty comfortable and new, hope your port pirie trip over easter was fun :D .

cheers mate

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Re: Rail in the Mid North

Post by Crispy! »

Nice pics flexity 110 thanks for the history mentioned about these old lines :)

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