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Volgren 12.2M Coaches.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2016 7:14 am
by Denv12
I remember in 1983 I went to Melbourne on one of the new Greyhound Volgren 12.2M coaches.I was impressed by how quiet they were,how spacious they were and how comfortable they were. I had also been on one from Adelaide to Sydney via Canberra.One of best coaches I had ever travelled on. I think they were first built in 1982.They were on display at the bus show in 1982.They were also featured in the Truck & Bus magazine too.Cant remember what edition that was. Greyhound and Stateliner used them.Premier Roadlines had the single axle version shown at the bus show in 1983. There were 2 versions.The single axle coach and the 3 axle coach. At some point the coaches were update to have the Volgren Twin Deck (high deck) front.These coaches were shown in their main advertising for all their vehicles.

How many of those coaches were built? How many did Greyhound and Stateliner get? What year did they stop building them? How many are still on the roads? There would be quite a few that have been converted to motorhomes.

If you can contribute anything to this topic please do.

Re: Volgren 12.2M Coaches.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 9:19 pm
by Maladjusted
I remember Clarry Skennar bought some of these off Greyhound when he returned from retirement. They gave him a bit of grief in the short time he had the Volgrens, more the Volvo side of things with boxes and engines wanting to spew their innards out.
Also remember 1 beginning the climb near Withcott getting a bit hot, because the hydraulic fan motor had been dragging on the road for the previous few kilometers.
Still got the bottle of Grants' Scotch (albeit empty) I was given one christmas by Clarry for my Volvo assistance.