volgren bus

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volgren bus

Post by busmadrod »

found this bus on the following website http://busexplorer.com/main.php
Chassis Manufacturer: Volvo Bus
Body Manufacturer: Volgren Australia Pty Ltd.
Photo Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Operator: Brisbane Transport (Brisbane Transport)
Width: 2490mm/98 Inches
Length: 18m/59 Feet
Photo: January, 1996

and I do have the permission of the copyright owner

I don't remember seeing this bus in brisbane
BrisbaneCoachVolgrenVolvo.jpg (37.67 KiB) Viewed 2549 times

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Re: volgren bus

Post by BT-Otto »

Toowong Depot had some coaches on loan for a short period of time. Can't remember the reason.
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Re: volgren bus

Post by andrew28121990 »

That seems to small for 18metres in length
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Re: volgren bus

Post by Industry »

Is that the ex Clipper Tours one

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Re: volgren bus

Post by busmadrod »

I've checked on the following site. http://www.btbuses.info/index.php?GoTo=Home but they don't seem to have a listing for this particular bus/

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Re: volgren bus

Post by Maladjusted »

The information contained with the photo appears to have a few inaccuracies.

Can't find it in Brisbane Transport? -No wonder, they have only once operated Coaches these were the X Greyhound Scanias, while the gas buses had issues back in 2004. These Coaches were run out of the now defunct Richlands depot. Maintenance was undertaken at Toowong depot.

The rego dating is about right 1996 for a DEH registration, however it appears to be a Volgren Qld Coach, which would mean it would have to be around about 10 years old even when the photo was taken.
Andrew21 beat me to the observation of 18m in length? I've known a few people to make inaccuracies in measuring vehicles, however usually these err on the shorter side of the yard stick.
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Re: volgren bus

Post by CJT »

Certainly a bit of misinformation regarding Brisbane Transport... It was owned by Gold Coast Tourist Shuttle / Gold Coast Coaches, bought in 1995 from Clipper Tours and sold on in late 1997. It is a 1985 Volvo B10M with Volgren (Qld) body, 45 seater.

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Re: volgren bus

Post by Hornibrook »

Indeed, see attached another example of a B10M Volgren that was at Gold Coast Coaches.

It should be this unit. Of course it was 832 DEH prior to 276 FKY.

C41 00.11.1985 Clipper Trs, North Ryde, NSW TV. 118 C45Ft Volvo B10M 9381 New
00.11.1985 Clipper Trs, North Ryde, NSW r/r 59 TV.059 C45Ft Volvo B10M 9381 Rereg
00.11.1985 Gold Coast Tourist Shuttle, Bundall, Qld. 276.FKY C45Ft Volvo B10M 9381 Acquired
00.11.1985 Surfside BL, Coolangatta, Qld. 829 276.FKY C45Ft Volvo B10M 9381 Acquired


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