1923 (Merc 0305 Mk1) at Central station. 9/6/19

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1923 (Merc 0305 Mk1) at Central station. 9/6/19

Post by The Inspector »

1923 (Merc 0305 Mk1) at Central station on the shuttle service to the Maritime Museum. 9/6/19
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Re: 1923 (Merc 0305 Mk1) at Central station. 9/6/19

Post by Swift »

These must have felt like something out of The Jetsons when Neville Wran brought these out in '77'. Leopards were 1950s tech.
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Re: 1923 (Merc 0305 Mk1) at Central station. 9/6/19

Post by ScaniaK320 »

They are still one of the best buses ever made to operate in Australia.
I would rather drive an 0305 or 0305G any day compared to these new plastic buckets that operate today.
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