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Archie Moore,South Hurstville.

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Archie Moore,South Hurstville.

Postby burrumbus » Thu Jul 05, 2018 1:37 pm

Good afternoon everyone.
I am currently doing a little exercise on the Archie Moore business.This commenced in 12/46 with the purchase of route 106-Hurstville-Connells Point from H.C.(Cliff)Mallam.
Archie followed up by purchasing route 146-Mortdale-West Oatley from S & L Roberts in 3/50 and route 116-Hurstville-Mortdale-Oatley from F.A.Wallis in 10/51.
What I am trying to confirm is some early fleet details.
I have a listing for C.A.Leach who sold route 106 to Cliff Mallam in 10/45 with the following buses.
-m/o 439 Reo petrol(1929)23 seats.
-m/o 993 Reo petrol (1935)30 seats.
-m/o 829 Albion Valkyrie/Syd Wood(1937)
-m/o 678 Reo diesel(1938)26 seats.
-m/o 331 Albion diesel/(1939)38 seats.
I have proof that m/o 829 ended up with Archie Moore.
Does anyone else have proof the other 4 buses went from Cec Leach to Cliff Mallam to Archie Moore ?? Also if you know the bodybuilder on each bus.
I also have a listing for S.Roberts,23 Lloyd Street,Oatley for m/o 370 Reo petrol(1929)23 seats.Did this bus get sold with route 146 to Archie Moore?
I also have a listing for V.R.Lawler,Algernon Street,Oatley for m/o 338 Reo petrol(1928)28 seats.Lawler commenced the route 116 and sold out to Wallis.Did m/o 338 make it to Archie Moore ??
Any confirmations of this will be much appreciated.
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Re: Archie Moore,South Hurstville.

Postby Reo » Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:43 pm

Hi Burrumbus

Love to see the results of your 'exercise'. I lived on Rt.116 from 1951 onwards and have vivid recollections of the buses used on that run in those days, however nothing documented unfortunately. Also lots of early memories of the Mimosa St. Depot as I had an Uncle live nearby and spent lots of time watching the comings and goings around the Depot.
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