Codes for Ventura's Mobitec rail replacment destos?

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Codes for Ventura's Mobitec rail replacment destos?

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Just curious, does anyone know the codes for the Mobitec destos that Ventura uses for rail replacement buses?
I'm working on a project that will require these codes (I'll release it in the near future) and right now the codes I have are only from asking drivers who are doing runs for weekend rail works.

They seem to generally be in the 6 thousands range, with the hundreds place indicating stopping pattern (0 for stops all, 1 for limited express, doesn't seem to have 2 for express) and the last 2 places for the station.

Those I have found so far are:
5997 Standby Bus
5998 Stops All (Generic)
5999 Limited Express (Generic)
6000 Express (Generic)
6006 Caulfield
6013 Sandringham
6015 South Yarra
6023 Camberwell
6026 Glen Waverley
6039 Stony Point
6059 Parliament

I'll be heading out tomorrow to check the Elsternwick, Mordialloc and Frankston codes tomorrow, but any help on this would be cool!

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Re: Codes for Ventura's Mobitec rail replacment destos?

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Best way would be to find a driver on his lunch break who is willing to sit and watch you go through the whole damn thing. Unless you know someone within the company.
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