Suspended ?

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Suspended ?

Post by boronia »

For the last couple of hours every time I tried to log on I got a screen saying "Service Suspended".

Very appropriate for a transport related site :twisted:
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Re: Suspended ?

Post by Bedford-29 »

Tell me about I been copping left right and centre and Fleet lists copped between 4:44pm to 6:09pm and I copped off and on trying to do a topic post it was starting to me up the wall it was.
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Re: Suspended ?

Post by PRT 065 »

This was my mistake .... Again .

I commissioned the secondary DNS server today, However that had the old record ( for the IP we where using a few weeks back) in it. As such that is why you where being bounced about.

I brought it back into sync and as such that issues should have now stopped
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