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All Over Advertising Buses in new format fleet lists

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All Over Advertising Buses in new format fleet lists

Postby Fleet Lists » Wed Feb 18, 2009 4:00 pm

Over the last couple of days a number of enhancements have been made which will make the inclusion and maintenance of AOA information in the new format fleet databases much simpler.

The information is now included in the normal fleet database in the normal livery field instead of being in a special small database which was operator specific so a new database had to be created before a bus could be documented as AOA for an operator who did not previously have one. This is now no longer necessary. Any livery input over 13 characters in length is regarded as an AOA. If the AOA is less than 13 characters in length in can be padded out with "AOA for ". This may also be included for any other AOA.

And at the same much more information is supplied:-
1. The full fleet list will include the AOA in an additional row in the list with the "AOA for " included.
2. The livery summary will group all AOA's (those over 13 charcaters in lenghth) in the summary as "AOA" and not create a separate group for each AOA livery..
3. The link from the AOA in the livery summary will not link back to the normal list as other liveries do but instead will link to the special AOA page and list all AOA busses.
4. The AOA page has been expanded from the previous limited information to include both fleet number and rego instead of the previous one or the other only, also depot and chassis/body type. In the list any livery which contains "AOA for " as prefix will have this suppressed in this list.

Hopefully this will improve the AOA information quite considerably.

Three operators which now have AOA pages as a result of these changes are CDC Sydney, Melbourne Bus Link and Dysons.
Previously the AOA's for these operators (except Dysons) were already in the main database but could not be listed as such.

The data from the previous small databses is now all included in the main database for the state concerned (or special database for CDC and Dysons)
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