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Gunzel "Must Do" Guides

Post by Craig »

Dear All

Every couple of months a gunzel will post a topic in the various state sections asking for suggestions of what they should in an interstate city for an upcoming holiday they are planning. Of course, I have no problems with that, as with limited time for a visit, you want to prioritize your time with the most interesting stuff, or stuff that will also interest the others travelling with you.

I was thinking perhaps though we should have a gunzel "Must Do" thread for each state (as a sticky) where locals can make a list of suggestions, such the good interchanges for photos, interesting lines or routes to ride, companies that are generally open to depot visits etc, as welll as stuff that would be of interest to non gunzels and children. There could also be notes about the best tickets to purchase, and other general notes (like hook turns or photo permit rules). And if people had specific questions not covered by the original thread, they could simply ask there.


Kind Regards

Craig :)

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Re: Gunzel "Must Do" Guides

Post by howlerbus »

Like what we have in the Adelaide/SA Forum? ... =6&t=32869
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Re: Gunzel "Must Do" Guides

Post by member 1423 »

I made one for QLD but alas its now gone :roll:

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Re: Gunzel "Must Do" Guides

Post by T1200 »

BusPicsQLD wrote:I made one for QLD but alas its now gone :roll:
Did it get lost when the board was attacked?
Reality continues to ruin my life.

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