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Overseas Transport Discussion Changes

Posted: Thu Jun 17, 2004 5:56 am
by Deano
Thank you everyone, for your input to this matter, which was discussed in the Photos ... etc section.

I personally, among others was unaware of such 'demand' for overseas photos. The Administrators have therefore agreed that an upgrade of the Photo's Section will occur, though new guidelines, to all photos posted will be imposed.
  • A new Photo's, & Media section for Overseas related items's only.
  • Overseas discussion to be moved into it's own Category.
  • A moderator for the Overseas category
The new rules for photo posting are:
New Guidelines
• Photos to be no larger than 820 pixels WIDE
• Enforced limit of only 5 photos no larger than 300kb per photo per post. Any additional photos must be only shown through a hyperlink.
• Appropriate captions are required with all photos.
• Members are asked to limit how many photo’s they post to a reasonable quantity. Administrators reserve the right to limit the amount of photo’s a member posts if needed to encourage and ensure a broad range of photo’s are posted.
• Photo's should be of some relevance to the topic
• Decent Quality photos only, i.e. no out of focus photos should be posted.

A new moderator will be contacted shortly.

We hope you enjoy the new categories,