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Module III

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 3:15 pm
by Sydney_Buses_CB60
Hi all!

At the NSRMA (North Shore Railway Modellers Association), which is my local Railway modelling club, our main project for the Juniors (8Yrs - 18Yrs of age) is called Module 3, but it's actually a "Self Contained Module Layout" as my friend says. :lol:
Anyway, it's got lots of progress since it was built 2 Years Ago. Yes, that might seem like a long time, well, it kind of is, :lol: :roll: , but we've gotten a long way in my opinion. The main features include:

- A Harbour
- A Mainline
- A Terminus Station
- A Tramway/Light Rail Line (Refrain from being Einstein because I know they're basically the same thing)
- A Busway (That shares the Tramway briefly)
- An Underground Busport
- A Hidden Fiddleyard (Sort of... :? )

Anyway, I'll try and get some photos next meeting. Basically, what I wanted to say as an extra point... Module III is VERY VERY Political! :P There's a joke about 'Jobs & Growth' as well as an example... Here's an example of the joke in case of confusion:

Person 1: Well the Tramway is in trouble now...

Person 2: I know right. Trust Jobs & Growth to do a good job.

Person 1: Thanks Jobs & Growth.

Basically, it works because Jobs & Growth rarely does anything well... It uses sarcasm in case you haven't caught on yet. If you live in Sydney you might know what I mean... :roll: :lol:
Anyway, the other Political aspect of M3 is that instead of saying: "Ok, you're in charge of the Tramway...", What happens is that we basically just called everyone a Political Position... the replacement would be: "Ok, you're now the Minister for Tramways...", etc. So far we've got a Minister for Railways, a Minister for Tramways, a Minister for Transport: Roads, a Minister for Harbours & Ports and a Minister for Jobs & Growth. I am the Minister for Transport: Roads. Basically, I run all Public Transport that uses the roads, i.e, Buses mainly and I am running the M3 Busway & Busports Project. I talk closely with the Minister for Railways who does work on the Tramway.

M3 Busway & Busport
My Project basically has a Busway (Inspired by Brisbane's awesome network of Busways) running off Queen Street, which is the Main Street in the City CBD. Buses wait at lights in a Bus Only Lane because the next stretch is one way and controlled by B-Lantern Traffic Lights. Once the buses reach the end of that, they go left then left again onto the Shared Busway & Tramway where there is Queen Street Interchange, an above ground Interchange that incorporates the Terminating Point for the Light Rails, the Terminus Station for the trains, and the Stop for buses. Some buses stop there, others keep going. After that, it keeps going until the Tramway turns off across Queen Street and up Tramway Avenue where the Busway turns left slightly and then goes down under to Queen Street Bus Station, (Yes that was also named after the real thing in Brisbane that I filmed which you can find on my YouTube Channel, Sydney Buses CB60) where the Busway loops around one way so that the buses come out the same place but going the other way after terminating and starting the return journey or stopping briefly to Board passengers where they go back along the Busway. Back at the intersection to enter the Busway, some Buses like the revived for Module 3 use Free CBD Shuttle 555 bus for example turn left onto another Bus Only road that goes straight down under the harbour where the buses stop at Harbourside Interchange, where Ferries & Buses connect services into the CBD and out as well. I thought everyone would find that interesting. The other thing is, we are going out the Faller Car System on the Busway and try to make it like DCC for trains but for buses instead so we can control them separately and realistically. Eventually we may try to put working lights on the buses and sound-chips as well. Note that some buses are die-cast and others are Cardboard static models for the time being. Myself and a friend are working on some buses on SketchUp to try and 3D Print at school, which I'll talk about in another topic.

Bye for now!



Re: Module III

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:39 pm
by Sydney_Buses_CB60
To go with the Brisbane theme, I've included some Bus Upgrade Zone (BUZ) Routes to the M3 Busway Timetable. I've also got CityGlider Routes, CitySights, Downtown Loop, Free CBD Shuttle 555 (Sydney - Deceased in reality :( ) & Express & Limited Stops Services so there's no complaints to Jobs & Growth, they've already probably got way too much... :roll: :lol: :P

Re: Module III

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:45 am
by Swift
Let's see some pictures.

Re: Module III

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:23 am
by Lt. Commander Data
Agreed. This sounds most intriguing, I'd love to see some pics. I'm way too impatient for doing his sort of thing myself, but love looking at them and watching them. I'm more of an "operations" and "photographer" enthusiast myself, with a bit of audio recording thrown in for good measure.

Re: Module III

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2017 11:05 am
by Newcastle Flyer
Yes, any pictures?

Re: Module III

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 3:05 am
by Sydney_Buses_CB60
I honestly keep forgetting to take photos when I'm at the Meetings. I have also been very busy with Cadets lately, so next time I'm there, I'll try. Myself and two others have made a Blog for it, called the "Module 3 Blog", which does have photos of the original KPR (Kidzpower Railway) and some Module I and Module II photos as well as some background information and other stuff on there, so feel free to check it out and I'll try and get some photos up here soon!


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